Advanced Swift: Types and Operations

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The primary way that you solve problems in Swift is using the type system. Explore what a type is in this video.

Just as you « eat your vegetables », you should implement equality. Thanks to Swift automatic conformance this is usually easy but there are some caveats.

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Hashable also gets automatic conformance in many cases. Find out what to watch out for in this video.
Phantom Types
4:05 Free

Using phantom types is a great, light-weight way to prevent run time errors. Learn what phantom types are and how to use them.
Challenge: Eliminate Invalid State

The best way to prevent getting into an invalid state is by making it unrepresentable. You will do just that in this challenge.
Custom Operators

A powerful feature of Swift is its ability to define custom operators. This great power demands great responsibility.
Challenge: Custom Range Operator

Are you ready to make a custom operator of your own? Get practice creating a custom range operator in this challenge.

Building small custom abstractions is a great way to solve complex problems in an elegant way. Start applying these methods in your code base today.

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